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Exact has presented a new form of subscription that combines smart features for automatic accounting and digital collaboration with customers from the ‘No hands accounting’ approach.

With the No Hands Accounting approach, Exact focuses on all aspects that make digital interaction between the accountant and the entrepreneur, and automated accounting smooth.

These include the automated approval and processing of invoices, a chat function with which additional information can be requested from customers and artificial intelligence (AI) that increases the accuracy of automatic accounting. There are also advisory dashboards that can be set up and adapted for each customer.

“With No hands accounting, we offer tools for digital convenience and optimal efficiency in the accounting processing of customer records. This is possible through machine learning, which we are adding more and more to the software. This is how we fulfil our promise with our No Hands accounting vision: accounting without hands. This is how we work towards an optimally automated accounting system, says Hans Janse, director commercial product manager at Exact.

Three subscriptions

Such functions are now bundled in a subscription form of the software developer. Exactly here introduces three types of customer administration, namely Standard, No hands and No hands Unlimited.

These forms give accountants the choice of the level of automated accounting and digital collaboration. The three types combine the add-ons Scan and Recognise, and My[Office] with machine learning features.

The customer administration types also offer predictability about the costs of the software.

Salary processing

A number of add-ons have also been introduced for salary processing. This should make the costs more predictable.

Exactly three add-ons have been introduced, each with its own limit on pay slips per month. Customers can choose from an option for one, five or an unlimited number of payslips per month.

The Exact for Accountancy add-on enables automatic processing of the payroll administration in the accounts. There are also options to automatically make changes and set up alerts for the payroll processor if action is needed.