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Elasticsearch will also be available on Microsoft Azure, thanks to the launch of a beta version. Later this year, the service should also be made publicly available.

According to Elastic itself, this means that organisations that have chosen Azure as their standard now have the opportunity to use the convenience of a fully managed Elasticsearch service. The service on Azure is by Elastic himself, writes devclass.

Elasticsearch is a business-oriented search engine for structured and unstructured data. The service is based on the open source Apache Lucene project, and is often used for logic analytics, large text searches, security intelligence, business analytics and operational intelligence use cases.

Many users already use the service on Azure, mostly via the ARM template for the Elastic Stack. Now this can be done via Azure itself.

Also available in the Netherlands

The new service will initially be available as a beta in two Azure regions. This concerns East US 2 in Virginia and Western Europe via the Netherlands. The service must include all the functions of Elasticsearch Service.

During the beta, Elastic technical support is also available. Later in 2019, we want to make the service widely available and add mission-critical support at service levels, according to the company.

With the step to Azure, Elasticsearch is available on all major cloud platforms. The search service is already available on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Open Distro

Earlier this year, AWS also announced a new, proprietary distribution of the service, called Open Distro. Open Distro is a value-added distribution of Elasticsearch that is 100 percent open source.

Open Distro contains code not only from the regular Elasticsearch project, but also from Kibana. Kibana is a data visualization plugin for the service. Open Distro also has features such as encryption of data on the go, user authentication and granulation on role-based access control.

Open Distro is available under an Apache 2.0 license and is supported by Amazon.