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Infor has updated its Talent Science solution with a number of updates. In this way, candidates now have a better experience and employers gain valuable insights through machine learning.

Infor Talent Science is a cloud-based Predictive Talent Analytic solution that enables recruiters and HR managers to place the right people in the right places. The application uses large amounts of behavioral and performance data to find out what makes for real success within a company.

The latest version of the application significantly improves the predictability of the software, thanks to new technology and a custom user interface. The portal contains the new Infor Personality Inventory, which halves the assessment times of candidates.

Machine learning

The software also includes a new version of a machine-learning-driven system for creating profiles. The new version increases the precision and reliability of the forecasting methods.

Companies can use large amounts of data to create recruitment benchmarks that use artificial intelligence to identify dynamic predictive models. The models are aimed at maximum reliability in order to recruit better candidates. Meanwhile, reliability, honesty and usefulness are guaranteed. The data can also be continuously compared and analysed.

Not only is an organization’s data used to create a predictive model, but the data of tens of millions of applicants from the Infor Talent Science database is also used. As a result, the model is more closely aligned with the global workforce and offers a high level of reliability.

New user experience

There is also a new assessment and user experience, which allows companies to collect information from candidates in an indirect way. They can also show the value of their brand.

“These changes will have a major impact on how candidates use our system and how we develop our predictive models in the future,” said Dr. Jill Strange, Vice President Infor HCM Science Applications.

“Our models can be dynamically adapted as staff and organisational conditions change. This ultimately leads to a lower turnover and better performance. With the improved candidate experience and focused assessment, we are able to predict more with less and ensure that candidates are satisfied and involved throughout the application process.”

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