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Extreme Networks is launching a number of new solutions to help businesses and organizations move faster from more traditional data centers to fully automated or agile data center solutions.

The applications that the company now provides enable companies to automate their data centre at their own pace. The supplier states that the data centre automation tools that have now been developed are based on the technology from the many acquisitions that the company has made in recent years, particularly in the areas of data centre, networking and automation technology.

This existing technology was then combined with tools for analytics, security and management. According to Extreme Networks, the tools are particularly suitable for automating multi-vendor environments and legacy network architectures.

Hardware as a base

In concrete terms, the solutions are based on the hardware SLX switching and routing platforms as standard. This mainly concerns the new SLX9030 leaf switches for better switching possibilities in data centres and the SLX 9640 router for more scalable border routing and data centre interconnect applications.

Simple automation and at your own pace

With the addition of the software solutions to the above hardware applications, end users should be able to gain more benefits from the automation of their data centers. These benefits include cross-domain IT automation via Extreme Workflow Composer. This application offers, among other things, the customization of cross domain, multi-vendor automation. It fully automates all resources for computing, storage, security and network management.

Extreme Embedded Fabric Automation also makes it possible to automate data centres at your own pace. This application makes it possible to use plug-and-play to create a data centre-fabric within seconds, regardless of its size, without the need for additional software or servers.

End users can also use automation at their own pace using custom workflows. It is also possible to switch to full IT automation with Extreme Workflow Composer.

Many management options

Further advantages of the now released solutions are single pane or glass management via Extreme Management Center. This solution offers complete multi-vendor management and monitoring capabilities across the entire network, from the fixed or wireless edge and campus to the data center. This reduces management time and solves problems more quickly, says Extreme Networks.

Furthermore, the solutions provide insight into where and when it is needed. The vendor’s analytics software provides complete visibility into applications and telemetry data for campus, data center and between VMs on hosts and to the cloud. This enables administrators to support the business with real-time information in making the right decisions.

Finally, according to the supplier, the tools now available make it easier for administrators to adapt networks and manage them flexibly. Because the solutions are offered vendor-independently, lock-in via certain ecosystems is prevented.

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