Google Cloud makes art of global storage traffic

Google Cloud makes art of global storage traffic

Creative minds at Google Cloud have visualized data from storage traffic and transformed it into works of art. In this way, the makers want to make data storage more interesting and create insights for Google Cloud customers by unravelling patterns.

The speed, trajectory and data density of global data are brought together in virtual maps. The idea arose from a collaboration between Google Cloud and Staman Design, a design studio for data visualization.

Looking at requests for cloud storage has shown us a clear pattern. It gave us a way to correlate countries and each correlation gave us insight into connections around the world, says Chris Talbott from Google Cloud. We put it all together in a video that focuses on each country. The visualization jumps from country to correlated country, shows unexpected connections and calls for discussion.

Anonymous data

In order to arrive at the work of art, we looked at the cloud data requested by customers. According to the makers, this data was used to map an application from the country of origin to the relevant cloud area and vice versa. The makers collected a week’s worth of storage data and searched for useful patterns for customers. The visualization provides information about the direction of the data, but not about who owns it.

Because the data is anonymous, we do not know which user is making the request, from whom the data is requested or what the content is. The accompanying data tell us something about the size of the request in GBs and a timestamp, says Talbott. He believes that storage can be made beautiful in various ways, enabling customers to arrive at well thought-out insights.

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