Oracle CEO: AI is going to transform the cloud completely

Oracle CEO: AI is going to transform the cloud completely

Artificial intelligence is already very important in the IT industry, but it will only grow. That’s what Oracles CEO Mark Hurd said during a speech at the Oracle Open World event in London. Hurd told how he thinks the coming years will look when it comes to IT.

The main topic that Hurd talked about is the rise of artificial intelligence and especially the role it will play in the IT industry. Hurd himself expects that the entire IT industry will soon have to deal with the cloud. The CEO thinks, among other things, that all cloud apps will somehow be related to AI by 2025.

Everywhere AI

By integrating AI into cloud devices, these applications can distinguish themselves from legacy apps. Tools such as chatbots and voice-controlled interfaces help companies to build much more personal and closer relationships with their customers. All industries are going to find a way to connect with their customers in innovative new ways, says Hurd.

Automation could provide personal experiences for individual shoppers, and hotels could run 24/7 without the need for people to be present at all times. By this Hurd does not mean that AI will ultimately cause people to run out of work, but it does mean that the IT industry is going to change considerably. Hurd predicts that by 2025, 60% of all jobs in IT will be in jobs we don’t know yet. This will often involve the management and maintenance of AI systems. These systems then take care of the complex or time-consuming matters.

Hurd also said he hoped that AI would accelerate innovation. It should also increase productivity in the tech industry. The fewer companies that spend on the maintenance of obsolete systems, the more they can spend on research and thus on innovation.

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