Google launches new certification and training programs for cloud specialists

Google launches new certification and training programs for cloud specialists

Google has developed four new certification and training programs that focus exclusively on cloud specialists, such as cloud developers and engineers. In addition, a program is also offered for G Suite.

With the certification and training programs that have now been added, the techgigant wants to ensure that more and more professionals come onto the market who have up-to-date knowledge of cloud computing and all the related issues. At the moment, according to Google, it is still very difficult for companies to find this highly qualified personnel. For them, this is increasingly becoming a major problem as the cloud becomes more and more dominant in their business practices.

Programmes for cloud specialists

Specifically, this concerns the Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud Network Engineer (in beta) and Professional Cloud Security Engineer (also in beta) certification and training programmes. These certifications and training courses are an addition to the existing programs of the techgigant.

With these programs, interested parties can qualify to design, build, test, manage and secure applications on the Google Cloud Platform. The programs cost about $200 each and the exams come in the form of multiple choice questions. Studying is done with the help of on-demand online modules or instructor-led tailor-made sessions of online training specialist Coursera and other Google partners.

G Suite program

In addition to the specific programs for cloud developers, the tech giant also offers a specific new course for G Suite. In this way, the provider wants to improve the skills of its employees. This includes exams for the knowledge of products such as Docs, Sheets, Drive and other tools. This training and exam is with only 65 dollars cheaper than the aforementioned specific programs for the real cloud specialists.

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