Amazon WorkLink makes working on your mobile a lot finer

Amazon WorkLink makes working on your mobile a lot finer

If your company uses a VPN, or a mobile device management service that gives you access to the intranet and associated web apps, you may run into problems. With Amazon WorkLink, AWS is trying to offer a better solution.

WorkLink is a fully managed service that allows IT admins to give employees direct access to internal sites for five dollars a month per user. It does not matter whether AWS is used or not.

Safe to use

After an employee has installed WorkLink on his or her smartphone, he or she only needs to use his or her favourite browser to surf to an internal site of the company. Solutions other than WorkLink usually require a specific browser that often does not work very well. They do it because it’s safer.

But the requests that run via WorkLink are also secured. There is also a secure WorkLink container that transforms the site into an interactive graphic that is sent back to the smartphone. As a result, nothing is stored on the smartphone. WorkLink also knows nothing about the personal use of the device. If this is stolen or lost, the device does not need to be reset because it does not contain any operating data.

Safe and fine

During conversations with customers, many of them expressed the frustration they feel about the fact that their employees often don’t have an easy or safe way to access internal content. This means that employees are either wasting time or not even trying to access the content that might make them more productive, says Peter Hill, vice president of Productivity Applications at AWS in a statement. With Amazon WorkLink, we enable greater productivity for anyone outside the corporate firewall, but in a way that’s great for IT admins and security teams to use.

WorkLink works on both Android and iOS, although only one iOS app is currently available. At the moment it only works with Safar, but Amazon is letting us know that they will have support for Chrome within a couple of weeks. The service is currently only available in Europe and North America. Other regions will follow in due course.

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