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Microsoft is going to make the technical specifications of exFAT open source, and wants to support the addition of exFAT to the Linux kernel. This means that from now on, exFAT devices will be able to function on Linux kernels without many additional additions.

When exFAT was a patented technology, it took a lot of effort to use disks and memory cards with that file system with Linux systems. In that case, additional software had to be installed before a functional use could take place. Now, however, Microsoft is taking a different path and adding the exFAT technology to its open source collection.

“It is important for us that the Linux community can use exFAT in the Linux kernel with confidence. To this end, we will publish Microsoft’s technical specifications for exFAT, to facilitate the development of compliant, interoperable implementations,” reports the company in a blog post.

Open Invention Network

Techcrunch reports that Microsoft hopes that the exFAT specifications in a Linux kernel will become part of the Open Invention Network (OIN) Linux Definition. If this could be done, the exFAT code would be subject to OIN regulations. Part of this legislation is that members of OIN are protected against patent litigation. In this way, the sharing and use of open source technologies for innovation does not lead to indictments.

Microsoft often had the strategy to embrace existing technology, then improve and then really hurt the competition. Since Linux is now an optional part of Windows 10, as is the most commonly used OS on Azure, it is assumed that this is not the case today.

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