Apple sues virtualization company Corellium for copyright infringement

Apple sues virtualization company Corellium for copyright infringement

Apple sues Corellium, a producer of virtualization software, for offering customers the opportunity to create virtual iOS devices. iOS firmware can also run on it.

Apple requires the company to immediately cease all activities related to iOS virtualization products, and to compensate the tech giant for the damage it has suffered. Apple further substantiates the complaint by arguing that Corellium has not requested any form of permission or licence.

The possibilities of Corellium’s products include the virtual start-up of an iPhone to detect bugs or to test an app. There is of course an important difference with testing on an actual iPhone. You can just start a new virtual device if something goes wrong and the device crashes or bricks. Virtual versions also have a pause function. This makes it possible to check the condition of the device at all possible times.

Paradise for testers

Last year, Forbes already examined Corellium. It showed that the company has more or less built the ideal environment for iOS hackers and developers. In fact, users can try everything on iOS devices. In addition, they also receive a gift for what happens in the code. This saves iOS developers and hackers time and money.

The news comes shortly after Apple announced that it would provide security researchers more extensive access for tracing vulnerabilities, reports TechCrunch. The extent to which this charge is related to this announcement is not known. Corellium’s capabilities are largely in line with the objectives set out in Apple’s announcement.

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