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Outposts, the feature that allows the cloud to be physically stored with a customer, has been extended to seven new regions by Amazon. These include three new countries where the feature, which competes with Microsoft Azure, can now be used.

In Singapore, Bahrain and Canada the service will be rolled out for the first time, and in Stockholm, London, Paris and Hong Kong there will be an additional option to install the service.

With AWS Outposts, Amazon’s infrastructure, services and APIs are brought to each data center, creating a hybrid user experience. According to Amazon, it’s perfect for work where delay is an issue and there’s a lot of working with locally stored data.

Amazon has previously announced that it plans to make a VMware version of Outposts available by 2020, enabling a full version of such a data center to run on Outposts’ infrastructure as well.

Selling point

Announced in 2019, Amazon believed it could offer a decent hybrid option to customers with Outposts, but was also keen to fight Azure by offering an alternative to that service. Matt Garman, the vice president of Outposts, gave the following explanation at the time:

“One of the most common scenarios (for Outposts) is the use of applications where there is a need to keep latency below ten milliseconds. Users want to integrate the cloud with their own, on-site, environment, and AWS offers that possibility”.