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A contract worth about ten billion dollars was awarded to Microsoft last year, making the tech giant the designated party to help departments of the U.S. Department of Defense move to the cloud. That while competitor Amazon had expected to win the contract, as those services, according to AWS, are significantly more in line with what the Department of Defense wanted. The judge has now proved Amazon right in the first instance, as a result of which the rollout of the service by Microsoft will be temporarily halted.

At the end of last year, Amazon sued the ministry after Microsoft had been awarded the contract, in order to stop the rollout of the work by Microsoft: this was to prevent the argument ‘yes, but they are already working on it now’ from being used.

President Trump’s involvement

According to Amazon, the contract wrongly went to Microsoft, since President Donald Trump would have interfered with which party would be chosen. Instead of looking at the quality of service, personal preference for Microsoft (because of a lesser relationship with Amazon) would have been preferable.

Microsoft says in a reaction that it is ‘disappointed’ with the way things are going, just as it regrets the delay that the rollout of the service is now causing.

“However, we have confidence in the Ministry of Defense and we believe that the facts will prove that the necessary services can best be provided by Microsoft”.