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Reuters reports that the Finnish Nokia has entered into a partnership with Intel to accelerate development to 5G, previously announced a similar agreement with Marvell Technology.

Nokia has struggled with the slower than expected development of its Reefshark system, which allows a single chip to carry an entire computer system (System-on-Chip/SoC). That would allow Nokia to produce their products more cheaply.

“Nokia is working with multiple partners to support its ReefShark family of chipsets, which are used in many basic units,” said the Finnish company.

Turbulent times at Nokia

Things haven’t been going great at Nokia for a long time, so there have been calls from the US to support the company with investments or even an acquisition. This is to counterbalance the power of Huawei, who is invariably accused by the US of espionage and violations of trade bans.

The cooperation with Intel is also surrounded by ambiguity, sources do not indicate what the cooperation exactly means, and whether it is, for example, a first step towards closer cooperation. We will of course continue to follow these developments at Techzine.