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Google Anthos will get a new version specifically aimed at telecom providers, where a ‘Global Mobile Edge Cloud’ is the strategy.

Google said the strategy is focused on delivering three key business outcomes for telecommunications companies. It’s about helping telcos with 5G, providing customers with more data-driven experiences and improving operational efficiency.

Anthos for Telecom is an important part of Google’s telco strategy. It aims to bring the Anthos cloud platform to the network edge, enabling telecommunications companies to deploy applications in all possible locations.


Google Anthos runs on top of the open-source container orchestration software Kubernetes. The service is thus designed to host applications that can run on both existing on-premise hardware and public clouds, giving companies the option to choose the most appropriate infrastructure.

Just like the ‘regular’ Anthos provides a platform for those mobile-centric applications, Anthos for Telecom is designed to provide a similar platform for network apps. Eyal Manor, general manager and vice president of engineering for Anthos and developer products and tools at Google Cloud, states that the new version will enable a lot of innovation for telco partners as it means they can host their apps at the edge. So they should benefit from lower data costs, better security and lower latency.