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Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management solutions and applications for IT environments, has recently launched a compact cooling system for use in edge computing and micro-data center environments. This solution can be mounted directly in an IT rack.

Edge computing is increasingly becoming a part of companies’ digital strategy. This also means that the size of data centres will respond to this. As a result, the microdatacenter is on the rise. Especially for these edge and micro data center environments, the energy management specialist for IT environments has developed a special cooling solution that does not take up any additional space.

The now presented Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling 3.5kW 5U DX cooling solution can be mounted at the bottom of an IT rack to provide more floor space. This allows better use to be made of the limited space often found in edge and micro data centres. The supplier therefore finds this solution particularly suitable for edge and micro data centres in retail, banking, healthcare, light manufacturing and education.


The cooling solution can be placed at the bottom of an IT rack and is completely vendor-independent. The Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling features precise temperature control for cooling single racks without the need for additional cooling.

Operational management is also simple. Variable capacity provides continuous and automatic fan and compressor speed adjustment to deliver 0.5 kW to 3.5 kW cooling. This should make cooling more efficient and ultimately reduce operational costs. Maintenance can also be carried out quickly and easily.

Management options

For additional features, the rack-based cooling can use Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform. With this platform, customers worldwide have access to the performance and status of the installed cooling elements.

Using their own data center management (DCIM) software EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor can then make the necessary infrastructure changes anywhere, anytime. This platform can also be used to call on 24×7 support from Schneider Electric experts. The Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling is immediately available.