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Microsoft will prioritise healthcare and necessary government services (such as the fire department) when cloud service Azure encounters capacity problems. These professional groups are also seen as crucial during the coronavrius outbreak.

In a blog post, Microsoft discusses problems it may encounter in the future. The tech giant sees that demand continues to rise and writes: “If we are faced with capacity constraints in any region during this period, we have established clear criteria for the priority of new cloud capacity.”

The guidelines drawn up will give top priority to first responders, health and emergency services and necessary government processes. Microsoft emphatically writes in the blog post that the measures apply “if we are faced with any capacity constraints”. It doesn’t look like Azure is encountering such problems for the time being. Microsoft monitors performance and usage trends 24/7, so that services are optimised and work as users want them to work.


In addition, Microsoft wants to ensure that staff who work from home can continue to work with the core functionality of its Business Chat Service Teams. “We will also consider free offers to ensure support for existing customers,” said the tech giant.

Earlier, Microsoft announced a significant increase in the number of Teams users, as more employees are working from home due to the coronavirus. An additional 12 million users would have been added in a week.