Dell EMC announces turnkey solutions for AI

Dell EMC announces turnkey solutions for AI

Dell EMC will bring to market about eight ready-to-use solutions that allow data scientists and researchers to start creating and setting up AI models right away. The solutions include bundles of reference architectures and preconfigured workstations and storage.

The infrastructure specialist wants the solutions – Dell EMC itself speaks of bundles – to ensure that data scientists and researchers do not have to waste time setting up hardware such as workstations, servers, filers, system software and the installation of cloud-native work environments.

The solutions give them – as it were – a number of recipes that can be ‘prepared’ faster instead of having to start with the raw ingredients, according to the infrastructure specialist.

This means that they have more time for AI analyses and running AI models. In this way, they can then roll out AI models faster and make the models more accurate. Ultimately, this should help them to be more cost effective with AI.

Eight bundles

Specifically, Dell EMC comes up with eight solutions. These are reference architectures that are bundled with pre-composed hardware. The reference architectures mainly address issues such as machine learning, deep learning, AI, high performance computing, data analytics, integration with Splunk and data science and models.

Hardware options

Hardware options added to the reference architectures include Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, Precision 7000 Series mobile workstations and 5820 and 7920 tower workstations. Chipsets in use include NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core, and Quadro RTX 5000, RTX 3000 and RTX 8000 processors and DGX-2 systems. For data storage, Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage is available within the bundles.