Paessler launches PRTG Enterprise Monitor for enterprise environments

Paessler launches PRTG Enterprise Monitor for enterprise environments

Paessler has released an enterprise version of its PRTG network monitoring software, PRTG Enterprise Monitor. This allows companies to monitor large IT networks with thousands of connected devices more efficiently.

The now released enterprise edition enables customers to better monitor their large IT networks from a single point ‘lean and mean’. This includes all distributed environments from on-premise data centers to branch offices, subsidiaries and affiliates. There is no need to add any additional modules or other expansions.

ITOps Board

The PRTG Enterprise Monitor includes the ITOps Board. This application, made possible by Martello Technologies, reinforces the PRTG setup with a service-oriented central overview of multiple PRTG servers. In addition, these tools help to reduce the number of alerts significantly. Also, advanced analytics and SLA monitoring and reporting capabilities are added.

Specifically, the ITOps Board has multi-server dashboards. These central easy-to-build real-time dashboards display the data from one or more PRTG servers. The data is based on various IT services and the roles of individual employees.

Besides, the tool collects alerts and notifications from one or more PRTG servers and correlates them per IT service. In this way, a service-oriented central overview is provided. The ITOps Board also offers automated alert management. The alerts are filtered and concentrated based on business IT services. According to the supplier, the alerts will be focused on what really matters.


The ITOps Board also defines Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for each defined business IT service. Based on these settings, the tool calculates and displays the different performance of the SLAs and their availability. The tool sends alerts before SLAs are compromised. As a result, IT administrators have time to react and fix problems, preventing severe breaches of SLAs.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor also extracts information from sensors for NetApp, Cisco or HPE applications, among others. Sensors for Nutanix devices have now been added to this edition.

Licensing model

PRTG Enterprise Monitor from Paessler is available in a subscription license model. The license applies to the number of sensors implemented on as many servers and locations as needed and is applicable from 30.000 sensors and more.

Each license includes monitoring network performance, infrastructure, applications, databases, storage and virtual environments. The license also covers medical infrastructure, factory floors and IoT. In addition, failover functionality and unlimited polling engines are included. The tool is available immediately.

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