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Intel acquires Rivet Networks for an undisclosed amount. Rivet Networks is the manufacturer of the Killer Networking Wi-Fi network cards used in laptops from well-known brands such as Dell Technologies, HP and Alienware.

According to Intel, Rivet Networks’ Killer portfolio of Ethernet controllers, management software and wireless chips will be integrated into Intel’s product line. Rivet Networks will be incorporated into the Wireless Solutions Group, which is part of Intel’s largest Client Computing Group division. At the same time, the Killer software will continue to be licensed to other companies.

Rivet Networks Network Interface Cards are aimed at gamers and other high-performance laptop users. The technology helps maximise Wi-Fi bandwidth and optimise network connections on gaming PCs and other applications that require lower latency. Intel has not disclosed how much it is paying to acquire Rivet Networks.


Intel has been competing with Rivet Networks in the NIC market for more than a decade, so the company’s acquisition is likely to improve Intel’s position in the gaming market. The acquisition didn’t come entirely out of the blue, as the companies have in the past worked together on Rivet Network’s Killer Wireless-AC 1550 NIC produced by Intel.

Intel will likely launch a new line of NICs using Killer technology. However, Intel has not given any indication as to when this might happen.