Researchers claim they reached the fastest internet speed ever

Researchers claim they reached the fastest internet speed ever

Australian researchers believe they have achieved the highest internet speed ever with a speed of 44.2 terabits per second. They broke previous internet speed records using what is known as a micro-comb.

Researchers from the University of Monash, Swinburne and RMIT worked together to use the micro-comb to reach the high internet speed. According to the team, a micro-comb would previously have consisted of 80 lasers, making the device considerably smaller and lighter than the current hardware used.

You could download a thousand HD-quality movies within a second using the device. Researchers hope to achieve an even higher internet speed in the coming years.

“This research shows what we can achieve with the already existing optical cables. It’s not just about Netflix, but the data can be used on a much larger scale. For example, self-propelled cars and future means of transport”, according to the researchers.

The speed of 44.2 terabits per second was achieved over a distance of 76.6 kilometres: the distance between the RMIT campus and Monash University. The researchers expect that the new technology can be implemented in current infrastructures without excessive costs. In the future, the project will scale up to a data transfer of ten terabytes per second. That internet speed would make it possible to manage all the data that is used by 1.8 million inhabitants in Melbourne during the busiest moments of a day.