Dell Technologies introduces storage for unstructured data

Dell Technologies introduces storage for unstructured data

Dell Technologies recently presented its Dell EMC PowerScale storage systems. These systems are particularly suitable for managing unstructured data in different environments.

The newly presented Dell EMC PowerScale portfolio is a combination of the best hardware and software solutions and applications the vendor can offer for the management of unstructured data.

The storage systems will make it easier for companies to manage this type of data in on-premise data centers, edge environments and public cloud environments. Companies that often have to deal with unstructured data, such as oil and gas, transportation and media companies, can benefit significantly, according to Dell Technologies.


Specifically, the Dell EMC PowerScale portfolio consists of 1U of Dell EMC PowerEdge-based nodes combined with Dell EMC Isilon all-flash storage and hybrid and archiving nodes running on the Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS version 9.0 operating system. The PowerScale clusters are available from 11 TB to 50 PB of raw capacity. In addition, nodes can be added to PowerScale or existing Isilon clusters within a minute. The PowerScale systems also have a programmable infrastructure with container frameworks.

Software solutions

In terms of software, the PowerScale portfolio of storage systems consists of the operating system PowerScale OneFS that controls the Isilon systems, among others. The operating system also features enhanced technology for data reduction, access to AWS S3 objects and support for management software such as Red Hat Ansible, Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. PowerScale OneFS version 9.0 supports multiple protocols.

In addition, the systems have various automation tools to distribute resources and enable more flexible failover policies. This way, the available storage can be used more efficiently.

Furthermore, the recently launched Dell EMC Data IQ software has been added to the PowerScale portfolio. This software should, among other things, make data within private and public cloud environments visible.