VMware acquires True Visibility Suite from Blue Medora

VMware acquires True Visibility Suite from Blue Medora

VMware continues acquiring small specialized technology companies. The virtualiSation giant has now acquired the technology and staff of Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite.

VMware aims to improve the self-driving operations capabilities of its own AI-based vRealize Operations product with this acquisition. Companies use this application to manage and deliver workloads such as computing power, storage, and network and application services on a large scale. Primarily for hybrid cloud environments.

Among other things, the platform provides management capabilities for software-defined data centers and the creation of multi-cloud environments for the most critical customer operations. These include intelligent operations, automated IT environments and IT environments suitable for DevOps.

Acquisition True Visibility Suite product

The acquisition of Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite product provides end-users of the VMware solution with a variety of management packs for increased capabilities. Customers gain more insights into their data centers and hybrid cloud environments from a single dashboard. These management packs also enable dynamic discovery of proprietary applications and infrastructure. Furthermore, the tool maps data and helps analyze this data to further automate IT environments,

In addition, the integration of VMware vRealize Operations with True Visibility Suite gives end-users increased visibility into other applications, middleware, cloud environments, hardware servers and storage devices.


The collaboration between VMware and Blue Medora and the acquisition of the True Visibility Suite portfolio and its employees did not come out of the blue. Both companies have been partners for a long time.

VMware has recently been busy acquiring smaller software companies. Very recently, the company acquired the disaster recovery specialist Datrium and before that the Kubernetes specialist Octarine and anti-malware researcher Lastline.

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