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Cisco is said to have stopped developing its Kinetic for City programme. Due to the effects of the coronavirus, it would no longer be feasible at this time.

A Cisco spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that the company “recently decided to stop sales and eventually support for the Cisco Kinetic for City product line to align our product investment to evolving market needs and customer requirements”.

Corona crisis

The evolving needs are, to a large extent, a consequence of the corona crisis. Cities are currently focusing on staying afloat and have less money left over for investments into the future.

Cisco Kinetic for City is a package to build a ‘smart city’. Various IoT applications such as smart lights, sensors and security can be connected to and controlled by the system.

Although Cisco will no longer provide the software for smart cities, the company indicates that it does want to support other companies working on smart cities. The company itself is shifting focus to the security of customers with a distributed workforce.