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5G development has been quite a complicated process, because of Huawei and the trade bans. The Chinese company is one of the three leading manufacturers of 5G equipment. The CEO of Ericsson, one of the others is advocating for its Chinese competitor.

There are no longer three big 5G manufacturers since Huawei has been banned across the world and withhold of primary technology. Nokia and Ericsson now have an edge in the market, but that has nothing to do with their innovations.

They are now the big dogs because their biggest competitor has been crippled by bans and other restrictions. Ericsson’s CEO has always been vocal about the untenability of this situation and expresses some displeasure.

Ericsson could leave Sweden

Reports from the ‘Daily News’ in Sweden indicate that the CEO of Ericsson, Börje Ekholm, announced that the company would leave Sweden. It is a strange thing to think that the company could leave its home country due to a ban imposed on a Chinese company.

However, Sweden was one of the countries that banned Huawei from participating in 5G networks. Ericsson, on the other hand, is worried that it could have the same restrictions imposed on it in China.

For that reason, it seems that the CEO has been outspoken about the perceived unfair treatment Huawei is getting from many countries around the world.

The ban stays

The ‘Daily News’ reported that Börje Ekholm said in a text message to Anna Holberg, the Swedish Minister of Commerce, that the company would leave Sweden unless the government lifted its ban on Huawei and ZTE.

Holberg responded saying that the government cannot lift the ban on Huawei since the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Administration secretariat decided on the ban based on recommendations from the National Defense Forces and the security department.

Ericsson has talked to Swedish law firms that have been unwilling to help Huawei. Börje Ekholm says, “there are many cowards here.”

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