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Software provider uses Google’s DocAI to accelerate processing of documents in multiple languages.

Workday is using one of Google’s new cloud-based AI services to accelerate document processing in multiple languages for its customers. Google revealed the partnership in a blog post this week.

Workday provides enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Their in-house expense receipt parsing functionality needed to scale for international customers in multiple languages.

Workday is using Google’s Procurement DocAI service to automate the processing of receipts and invoices. The goal here is to enable a more seamless expense reporting experience for Workday customers.

Procurement DocAI is built on the recently announced Document AI platform, a unified console for document processing. The service allows customers to create and customize all of the specialized parsers (e.g., invoices and receipt parsers) on the platform without the need to perform additional data mapping or training.

Delivering data capture at scale

The partnership delivers data capture at scale, enabling Workday customers to gain deeper insights (e.g., fraud detection), according to the blog. Google says it also helps Workday find new opportunities to keep their businesses moving forward. 

Shane Luke, Workday’s VP Machine Learning & AI, celebrated the collaboration. At Workday, we believe enterprise software should simplify how organizations manage finance, HR, and planning,” he said. “Google Cloud’s Procurement DocAI, combined with our document processing machine learning models, enables streamlined receipt intake for our customers at global scale.”

Multi-language support drives international expansion

Workday uses Google Cloud’s Procurement DocAI machine learning solution to automate the processing of receipts with multi-language support, according to Google.

Incorporating Procurement DocAI’s multi-language support into Workday applications means faster innovation for customers, according to Google. This in turn helps those customers to support their global deployments.

With DocAI, Workday can expand languages to include French, German, and Spanish. This enables Workday to extend the reach of its solution to serve more customers around the world.

The DocAI service also offers higher data accuracy in data extraction, according to Google. Specifically, it delivers an F1 score1 (measure of model’s accuracy) of > 85% for receipts, enabling a high level of satisfaction.

Gogle says that additional support in Workday for other languages and more documents like supplier invoices is coming in the near future.