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Nokia and Google Cloud partnered to build the 5G core network infrastructure and offer businesses the capability to give customers services like automated manufacturing and smart retail.

Cloud computing units owned by big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon are also coming together with telecom vendors, ahead of the 5G infrastructure rollout.

The aim is to corner a market share in new businesses that will be powered by the technologies. Nokia is bringing its 5G expertise to the table while Google Cloud is the platform that will launch apps and help customers build an ecosystem of core and useful services.

Nokia on a roll

Amol Phadke, the Managing Director at Google Cloud, spoke to Reuters and said that we should expect to see these things get into a live environment by the end of 2021. How the timeline shakes out, will depend on the telecom operators now.

Yesterday, Nokia announced that it was selected as a tech provider and collaborator by the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence 5G project.

The company was selected because of its global success in 5G networks, including hardware and software. It is also good at mobile network security and 5G RAN, which will help it refine a reference design and come up with use cases on standards-based solutions.

A perfect blend

Together, the companies will expand their partnership and develop cloud-native network functions, 5G core to mobile and 5G edge services. This move comes three months after Nokia committed to moving its on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud.

The new partnership brings together different technologies, blending them to create an integrated product.

The partnership will create choices for customers and simplicity in interfacing with Google Cloud and Nokia. In many cases, companies believe they will be able to provide pre-integrated solutions.

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