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The company is adding new data protection features and support for workloads including Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

Metallic is adding new data protection solutions, features, and enterprise workload support. These include enhanced SaaS application protection with the introduction of Metallic Salesforce Backup and Microsoft Teams recovery enhancements.

Metallic’s latest update adds new data protection features and enterprise workload support. For example it’s updating its SaaS application protection capabilities with the new Metallic Salesforce Backup and Microsoft Teams recovery enhancements.

The Metallic Database Backup solution now provides full support for Oracle Database and Microsoft Active Directory workloads,. This is in addition to its current support for SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL.

The company also announced the addition of Oracle and Active Directory to Metallic Database Backup. Metallic also expanded its hybrid cloud capabilities with the addition of HyperScale X as a fully integrated appliance and edge offering for Metallic.

Extending the capability of Hyperscale X

Ranga Rajagopalan, Commvault’s Vice President, Products, detailed the enhancements of Metalllic’s Hyperscale X in a blog post. The key to Metallic’s market strength, he wrote, is that it simplifies life for it users.

“With Metallic, customers can backup their on-prem workloads to on-prem storage, AWS workloads to AWS storage, and Azure workloads to Azure storage, all without compromising the simplicity of SaaS,” he said.

Last year, Commvault introduced HyperScale X as their fully integrated, scale-out secondary storage solution. They are now extending HyperScale X to also function as an edge appliance for Metallic, according to Rajagopalan, This is done by storing local backup copies of Metallic-protected on-prem workloads.

A solution to simplify data protection across platforms

“Beginning in March 2021, our customers can enjoy a connected end-to-end solution from Commvault,” Rajagopalan writes. The new Hyperscale X will deliver “the simplicity of SaaS data protection without compromising the speed of local recovery,” he adds.

“Metallic is the only future-proofed solution for your hybrid cloud journey,” he boasts. This, he explains, is because it can protect on-prem and cloud workloads through a single cloud-delivered solution.

“This is a win-win approach for customers who want a SaaS-delivered solution that can work with both on-prem and cloud workloads,” he claims.