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The company is building out its integrated Portfolio with HyperScale X and Metallic Backup for Microsoft 365.

This week Commvault announced the expansion of its Metallic software as a service (SaaS) portfolio and a new unified Intelligent Data Services Platform. The new offerings aim to help organizations to intelligently manage their data.

Commvault is expanding its enterprise-grade SaaS data management offerings with the introduction of Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company aims to give customers support for all three Microsoft clouds—Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure.

Thew announcement follows the addition of HyperScale™ X for Metallic. This is a scale-out on-premises storage target for Metallic backup as a service. Hyperscale X delivers choice for hybrid cloud data protection, Commvault say.

The company says its customers now have even more flexibility to “realize the benefits of SaaS-delivered backup, anywhere and everywhere.”

A Single Integrated Platform of “Intelligent Data Services”

“By seamlessly integrating Commvault HyperScale X and Metallic, we offer customers what we call the ‘power of AND’—the ability to extend between on-premises and cloud with a single integrated solution,”said Sanjay Mirchandani, President and CEO, Commvault.

“We are giving customers a variety of delivery models, a robust portfolio of new services, and the continuous innovation they’ve come to expect from Commvault,” “Customers need the simplicity and flexibility that SaaS enables, and no vendor in the market is positioned like Commvault to help them embrace the possibilities of this future.”

Commvault says this announcement reinforces the company’s leadership as customers increasingly move to SaaS data management.

They cite IDC’s projection that data protection as a service segment will grow at 16.8% CAGR. This would make that sector the fastest growing segment in the data protection market.

Commvault’s predictions of growth appear well-founded. Metallic, which is now available in 24 countries, doubled its number of customers every quarter in fiscal 2021.