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By making Cleanroom Recovery more widely available, Commvault aims to provide businesses of all sizes, whether SMBs or multinationals, with a secure recovery environment.

The SaaS direction follows the introduction of Commvault Cloud, launched last year. Commvault Cloud is the continuation of the on-premises products and SaaS solution Metallic, bringing together multiple solutions, including Cleanroom Recovery. Officially, SaaS support for this product will happen in the summer without a date being specified.

From then on, more companies can use the recovery environment to support in the moments after a cyber attack. Cleanroom Recovery is the isolated environment where data is protected from persistent cyber threats. When recovery is completed, the data is free of malware.

Tip: Commvault Cloud shifts to cyber resilience

The Cleanroom Recovery environment is hosted in the cloud (an isolated environment in Microsoft Azure), following an on-demand approach where users pay for it only when they use it.

Build and research

When announcing the SaaS-based approach of Cleanroom Recovery, Commvault also immediately unveiled new features. For example, the ability to rebuild applications and services from a clean state will appear in the fall. This can keep a server operational while strengthening security and efficiency.

In addition, integration with Palo Alto Networks’ SOAR environment is coming. This allows companies to investigate security incidents through the SOAR environment while enriching the incidents with the latest threat intelligence data. It leads to “streamlining the recovery of compromised assets into a cleanroom for forensic analysis and rapid, secure cyber recovery,” Commvault said.