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British owners of over 74,000 suspended .eu domain names have been given an extension on their deadline to change their registration details to an address in Europe before they are taken away for good. The extension will ensure the exercise runs for an additional three months.

The update was posted by the .eu registry operator EURid on its ‘ Brexit Page.’ In it, the operator noted that instead of the names being permanently taken away on March 31, they would be held in ‘suspension’ until June 30.

The reason for this is to give the registrar and registrants who have not yet updated their registration details, the time to do so.

The requirements

All of this is going to be done in the name of .eu regulatory framework rules. What it means for the British owners of the .eu domains is that they have to set up an address in the European Union and then migrate their domain registration details to the new address.

If the domain holders would like to go through with it, they can, since it is not difficult. Any number of registrars will do it for you to continue doing business. EU citizens working out of the UK do not need a physical European address to keep their .eu domains.

Brexit fallout

EURid said that more than 7,000 domains have been updated as required since January when the domains were facing suspension after Brexit.

Despite the extension, one might wonder why the EU would want to impose this policy. Normally, the best way to deal with domain names is to leave them alone and let their expiration dates be the drivers of change instead of arbitrary deadlines due to new requirements.

Still, it would not be accurate to say that we didn’t anticipate issues to crop up following Brexit.