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Google has introduced Google Cloud Domains. The tool is intended to help businesses manage domain names and everything that comes with them and simplify setting up a new domain.

Google shared details about Cloud Domains in a blog post. The service allows a user to walk through all the steps of setting up a domain within a single interface: registering a domain with a registrar, verifying the domain and configuring the DNS settings to link the domain to your own products.

Simplified user experience

With Cloud Domain, Google promises that users will get a much-simplified user experience. The service should make it easier to register domains for Google Cloud. Cloud DNS can also be controlled from the interface. For users who want to connect external software to Cloud Domains, an API is available.

Security should also be better when using Google Cloud Domains. Google claims that with one mouse click you can set up a DNSSEC configuration, which works together with Cloud DNS. There is also support for access management based on Cloud IAM.

Cloud IAM is a service that allows a very detailed configuration of who can change the settings and configuration of domain names. The service can be used to better protect sensitive domain names.

Google Domains

Google Domains has been around since 2015. However, that service focuses specifically on the creation and distribution of domains. With Cloud Domains, the possibilities have been expanded and combined in a clear interface. AWS and Microsoft also offer domain management.


Google Cloud Domains is available immediately. The service can be tried out for free and offers domain registrations and management of .com addresses for 12 dollars a year.

Tip: Developers can register a .dev domain with Google