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Pure Storage introduced FlashBlade five years ago, in March 2016. In honour of this anniversary, the company shares some figures on its storage product for unstructured data.

Over the past five years, FlashBlade has generated nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue, the company claims. This corresponds to around 850 million euros. The product was an immediate hit: the first 250 million dollars came in within two years. At the same time, the number of customers tripled. In the financial year 2021 alone, hundreds of new FlashBlade customers were added. Currently, more than a quarter of the companies in the Fortune 100 use FlashBlade for their unstructured data.

Ready for the next wave of data

According to Pure Storage, FlashBlade’s popularity is due to a number of innovations, which the company hopes will not only solve customers’ current needs, but also enable them to take advantage of the next wave of modern data and applications. Pure Storage lists some of these innovations.


FlashBlade, according to Pure Storage, was designed with scalability and multi-dimensional performance in mind. The company has added multiple upgrades to the system over the past few years, such as support for SMB, SafeMode snapshots to protect against ransomware and other software enhancements like real-time analytics.

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The company also places great emphasis on partnerships with other companies to improve their products. One example is a collaboration with Nvidia to build the first integrated AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI). With Cohesity, Pure Storage has developed FlashBlade FlashRecover. This product is aimed at fast data recovery after, for example, a ransomware attack. Another example is making FlashBlade available for AWS Outposts.

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User models

Furthermore, Pure Storage speaks of the flexible user models. The company’s Evergreen subscription allows customers to adopt new capabilities without disruption or downtime. The company also offers a number of pay-per-use subscriptions for both traditional workloads and modern workloads such as machine learning, high-performance computing and software development.

All benchmarks surpassed

“FlashBlade’s growth has surpassed all benchmarks in our industry and I am immensely proud of the breadth and depth of our rapidly growing customer base. FlashBlade is the proven innovator to deliver the infrastructure businesses need to take advantage of modern data, now and in the future,” said Matt Burr, Vice President and General Manager of FlashBlade, Pure Storage.

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