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The new offering promises to “makes the all-flash data center a reality”

This week Pure Storage announced the availability of FlashBlade//E, which the company touts as “a scale-out unstructured data repository built to handle exponential data growth with industry-leading energy efficiency”.

Pure Storage says the new product is available at a cost that is competitive with disk, but with much lower operational costs. “The introduction of FlashBlade//E means that customers no longer need to settle for disk”, the company claims.

Eliminating the data storage “burden”

According to Pure Storage, unstructured data capacity for global organizations is expected to grow by 10x before 2030. For large-capacity, price-sensitive workloads that use current disk-based storage solutions, this growth is unsustainable, it claims.

Disk-based systems are challenging to manage, require massive amounts of power, take up large amounts of space and their components fail too often, causing disruption and risking valuable data. This makes them “are “a burden on many enterprises’ IT teams and budgets”, according to Pure Storage, who says this diminishes the ability to derive business value from data.

A “cost-efficient but scalable storage solution”

FlashBlade//E is offered at under $0.20 per GB including three years of service. The platform starts at 4PB and scales from there with reliable performance. The company maintains that FlashBlade//E consumes up to 5x less power than the disk-based systems it will replace. Moreover, it offers 10-20x more reliability than hard disk based systems, and “remains simple to manage at any scale”, according to Pure Storage.

In addition to traditional purchase, customers will have the option to deploy FlashBlade//E through a new service tier of Pure’s Evergreen//One Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) subscription.

Amy Fowler, VP & General Manager, FlashBlade at Pure Storage, hailed the cost efficiency of the new product. “With FlashBlade//E, we’re realizing our founder’s original vision of the all-flash data center. For workloads where flash was once price-prohibitive, we are thrilled to provide customers the major benefits Pure delivers at a TCO lower than disk.”

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