AWS unveils Lookout, predictive maintenance for factory machines

AWS unveils Lookout, predictive maintenance for factory machines

The new Lookout for Equipment service provides predictive maintenance for industrial facilities.

Amazon Web Services this week announced the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Equipment. This is a new service that uses AWS-developed machine learning models. The service aims to help customers perform predictive maintenance on the equipment in their facilities.

AWS first announced the service at its re:Invent 2020 event in December. They claim the service enables manufacturers to build a predictive maintenance system for single and multiple production facilities.

How it works

First, Amazon Lookout for Equipment ingests sensor data from a customer’s industrial equipment (e.g. pressure, flow rate, RPMs, temperature, and power).

Then it trains a unique machine learning model to accurately predict early warning signs of machine failure or suboptimal performance. It does this using real-time data streams from the customer’s equipment.

With Amazon Lookout for Equipment, AWS claims that customers can detect equipment abnormalities with speed and precision. This allows them to quickly diagnose issues, reduce false alerts, and avoid expensive downtime. This quick analysis allows them to take action before machine failures occur.

Helping customers benefit from machine learning models

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP Amazon Machine Learning, explained the need for the new service. “Many industrial and manufacturing companies have heavily invested in physical sensors and other technology with the aim of improving the maintenance of their equipment,” she said.

“But even with this gear in place, companies are not in a position to deploy machine learning models on top of the reams of data due to a lack of resources and the scarcity of data scientists. As a result, they miss out on critical insights and actionable findings that would help them better manage their operations.”

“Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Equipment, a new service that enables customers to benefit from custom machine learning models that are built for their specific environment to quickly and easily identify abnormal machine behavior—so that they can take action to avoid the impact and expense of equipment downtime.”

There are no up-front commitments or minimum fees with Amazon Lookout for Equipment. Customers pay for the amount of data ingested, the compute hours used to train a custom model, and the number of inference-hours used.