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With new features and specific guidance, company hopes to create “safer cloud journeys” for its customers.

This week Google released a slew of new features and solutions to help securitize Cloud users’ organizations and workspaces. The new additions include solutions for access management as well as data loss prevention and secure data exchange platforms.

The company is also providing best practice guidelines and recommendations through a series of whitepapers.

An “ever-growing set of provider capabilities”

Google detaioled the new releases in a blog post this week. The post was written by Rob Sadowski, Trust & Security Lead, and Sam Lugani, Lead Security PMM, GCP Platform & Google Workspace.

“As part of our commitment to be our customers’ most Trusted Cloud, we’re constantly adding new security features to Google Cloud and Google Workspace,” they wrote.

They also said Google wants to provide “helpful guidance on how to solve security challenges and improve your security posture with the help of our tools.”

The first new feature is for Identity Platform, Google’s customer identity and access management solution. This allows Google customers to add IAM functionality to your applications. Google is now introducing blocking functions, a feature that allows customers to customize their application’s identity flows.

A safer way to handle data

The seconds innovation is that Google’s Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) now offers a new set of AI/ML powered document classifiers. These help users identify sensitive document types by designating them as sensitive document infoTypes.

Google has also introduced VPC-SC directional policies. This is a new secure data exchange feature that allows admins to configure efficient, private, and secure data exchange between isolated environments.

Admins can apply policies on ingress or egress from a VPC Service Controls perimeter . They can also configure policies for existing perimeters or include them when they create a new perimeter. 

Whitepapers and videos

The company also released a series of whitepapers and videos to help customers adopt the new feature sets.

“These announcements show how we continue to work to be your most Trusted Cloud,” the blog concludes.