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The acquisition will accelerate Cisco’s move into optical and nonoptical solutions to help CSPs.

Cisco Systems this week announced plans to acquire Sedona Systems. The new acquisition is a startup that helps software tcompanies monitor the health of their networks and simulate changes. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cisco has been building a portfolio of products to simplify the management of networks that include both optical and nonoptical equipment. Sedona’s technology focuses on the same task. Thew addition of Sedona to the Cisco stable will thus enhance and accelerate Cisco’s product roadmap in that area.

The plan is to “reinvent the Internet”

Kevin Wollenweber, the vice president of product management at Cisco’s service provider network systems business, described the deal in a in a blog post this week. “The digitalization of our society is accelerating at an enormous pace,” he writes. “Even with this growth, there are still billions of people who remain unconnected to the Internet.”

To create an “inclusive future for all,” Wollenweber believes we must “reinvent the Internet and fundamentally change the economics to build and operate networks at massive scale.”

Sedona Systems’ NetFusion is a market leader for its Hierarchical Controller (HCO) that enables multi-vendor, multi-domain automation, and software-defined networking. “HCO is the brain that enables transformation like 5G network slicing, routed optical networking, and disaggregation,” Wollenweber writes.

The Sedona NetFusion platform is the first to deliver complete network abstraction and control, he adds. This allows CSPs to manage their networks across domains, vendors, layers, and a myriad of different technologies, all as one single network.

“We have one simple goal in our network automation strategy – simplification,” says Wollenweber. The advanced analytical capabilities of Sedona’s NetFusion save precious time and resources, he writes. The multilayer awareness, multivendor and multidomain support offered by Sedona will help Cisco to simplify and accelerate the way CSPs work, he adds.

“The journey to reinvent the Internet will take time. Modernizing operations is vitally important to changing the recurring costs of operating networks of massive scale. Typically, it cost five dollars to operate for every dollar spent on equipment annually,” Wollenweber point out. “That must change.”