OVH plans to share its OpenStack automation for on-prem clouds

OVH plans to share its OpenStack automation for on-prem clouds

OVH will share the automation tools it developed to run its own OpenStack-based cloud as part of its strategy to grow its managed cloud business.

In Europe, the French company has offered to operate and manage a private cloud using its tech on customers’ premises. OVH is planning to let others have access to the same capabilities. The plan aims to get the managed services providers and end-user organizations to choose OVH’s tools to run their own OpenStack rigs or opt for OVH’s offer of managed on-prem cloud. OVH will deploy those on-prem clouds at scales ranging from a few cabinets to hundreds of racks.

Expansion plans

The company also detailed its expansion plans, which were partly why it went public earlier this year, saying it plans to get into the US, Canadian, India, and Asian-Pacific markets.

In India and Asia-Pacific, the company plans to deploy its water-cooling tech. The company’s Asian initiatives have, to date, co-located Open Compute Project hardware in third-party data centers. Its presence in other parts of the world utilizes its own data centers built to OVH specifications.

Lionel Legros, OVH’s VP and general manager for the Asia Pacific, said that consulting with co-location providers during datacenter designing will make the designs friendly to water cooling.

Where in Asia-Pacific is OVH going?

OVH expects the Mumbai data center it will bring online next year will only have to use air cooling for the first eighteen months. In Singapore, OVH hopes to extend its presence and bring its water-cooling tech to data centers in the country.

Legros did not name the other Asia-Pacific nations OVH plans to enter but indicated that countries developing their privacy laws based on the EU’s GDPR seems like the natural place to go.