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Microsoft will build a new data center region in the Brussels area. The construction of the new data center region is part of Microsoft’s Belgian Digital AmBEtion development plan.

The Digital AmBEtion plan aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the Belgian public and private sectors. Better infrastructure is one of its pillars, now being realized with three new Microsoft data centers in the Brussels area.

Access to the cloud

The data center region should primarily bring data security services and cloud solutions for the Belgian public and business end-users. Fast cloud access is another plus. Furthermore, end-users are assured that their data is stored locally and compliant with (privacy) standards applicable within the EU.

According to research by IDC, the arrival of the Microsoft cloud should generate 31.5 million euros in revenue for varying companies. The investments should also create 60,000 new jobs.

The tech giant indicates that the data center region will feature so-called Azure Availability Zones. These are physical locations with an independent power supply, network facilities and cooling against outages. According to Microsoft’s plan, the data centers to be built will run entirely on reusable energy starting in 2025.

Digital AmBEtion

Besides infrastructure, improving the digital skills of the Belgian population is another pillar of Microsoft’s Digital AmBEtion plan. Furthermore, the plan aims to contribute to sustainable technology.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo is pleased with Microsoft’s activities. According to De Croo, its investments will help Belgium play a leading role in Europe and benefit the Belgian economy and ecosystem.