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Samsung finalizes the development of a PCIe 5.0 SSD, the first model with which the manufacturer supports the new standard.

The drive, named PM1743, will be available starting in 2022. The model has several versions. The capacity ranges from 1.92TB to 15.36TB. Support for PCIe 5.0 is the common denominator — and the most important feature of all.


Motherboards of servers, desktops and laptops contain PCIe inputs to connect CPUs, GPUs and SSDs. The PCIe input plays a key role in the speed at which components communicate with one another. Since numerous applications run on multiple components, the capacity of a PCIe input dictates the speed of numerous applications.

Innovations of the standard are introduced on a generation-by-generation basis. Each generation doubles the bandwidth limit. Server and component manufacturers do not always apply the new standard immediately after its introduction. Support only becomes prevalent once the bulk of the market develops support. For example, while the specifications of PCIe 5.0 have been known since May 2019, most disk manufacturers have only started introducing support as of the past few months.

Samsung is one of the manufacturers. It says it has completed the development of a PCIe 5.0-ready model. Mass production will begin in early 2022. The promise is a data center-worthy, high-end SSD.

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