Toshiba constructs plant to double semiconductor production

Toshiba constructs plant to double semiconductor production

This spring, Toshiba hopes to double its production capacity by constructing a new chip factory in Japan.

The Japanese tech giant will start constructing a new plant for energy semiconductors in Ishikawa, Japan. The plant will support production lines for 300-millimetre chip wafers.

The plant will be built in two phases. The first products should roll off the belt in spring 2023. Sustainability, energy reusability and earthquake resistance are central to the plant design.

More than doubling of production capacity

Toshiba expects to double its semiconductor production by constructing the plant. The increase is badly needed due to the global chip shortage.

Until now Toshiba, has maintained its semiconductor production by increasing the capacity of its 200-millimetre production lines. So far, its expansions have met increasing demand. The new 300-millimetre lines will increase long-term capacity significantly.

Toshiba Group Split

The announcement of Toshiba’s new plant is the first major news we’ve heard since the organization announced a split-off in late 2021. Toshiba plans to divide its organization into three separate parts. Although the final decision is yet to be made, it’s likely to follow shortly.

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