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Rakuten Symphony announced today that it is expanding operations across Germany, France, and the UK. The expansion is geared towards aiding business operations and growth in the EU and partnerships with vendors and operators to support mobile network operations evolution and the adoption of Open Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies.

The operations in EU markets will give the company more footing in the region, improving its ability to meet customer expectations. The local operations could also serve as hubs for the next-gen in European tech talent to innovate and advance technologies.

What Rakuten plans to do

Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Symphony, said that the EU market is a mature one for mobile network infrastructure but asserted that its governments and mobile operators see the opportunities presented by Open RAN technology.

Amin went on to say that Rakuten Symphony is expanding European operations to strengthen its research and development abilities and commitment to the bloc.

He added that the company plans to collaborate closely with governments, vendors, and educational institutions to contribute to Open RAN technologies in the region.

An EU-wide push

Amin said that the company aims to provide a cost-effective, cutting edge, cloud-based connectivity platform that will change how network operators deliver telecommunication services.

Rakuten Symphony UK, led by Nastasi Kraiskos, is focused on 5G and 4G Open RAN software and hardware development and testing. It is leveraging a recent acquisition (Altiostar Networks’ R&D Center and Open RAN engineering lab in the UK) to support the UK government’s goal to ensure 35% of mobile network traffic in the country is carried over open and inter-operable RAN architectures by 2030.

Meanwhile, Rakuten Symphony France SASU France and Rakuten Symphony Deutschland GmbH, based in Dusseldorf, will manage operations in their designated countries.