Intel is working on a crypto mining CPU

Intel is working on a crypto mining CPU

Intel will launch a blockchain accelerator processor this year. The CPU is suitable for running blockchain algorithms and crypto mining, among others.

The blockchain accelerator processor enables so-called SHA-256 algorithm to be run. These algorithms are often used for mining cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular. According to Intel, the processor can run the algorithms 1,000 times faster per watt than currently available GPUs.

Likely to be an ASIC

Further technical details have not yet been disclosed. A contract between Intel and bitcoin mining specialist GRIID Infrastructure indicates that the processors are ASICs. These processors only handle a specific number of tasks — in this case, running calculations for blockchain. Intel confirms that more details will be available soon.

The chip was developed by Intel’s Custom Compute Group business unit. This division was created to develop processor platforms for optimizing specific workloads.

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