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Juniper presents three updates for network management tool Juniper Apstra. Edge networks are now supported, policies have been strengthened and a new service aids deployments.

Juniper Apstra provides tools for testing, automating and analysing data center networks. Today, Juniper presented a three-part update.


Juniper acquired Apstra a year ago. Since then, the solution has primarily seen use among data center network admins. The most recent update broadens its target audience.

As of today, Apstra can be used for networks with a minimum of two leaf switches. Thereby, small-scale edge networks become eligible. The solution works the same as before. Users can design, test and automate a multi-vendor network via an EVPN-VXLAN overlay and IP fabric underlay.


In addition, the update introduces a central dashboard for managing local and network-wide policies. Existing RBAC, audit and security functions have been modified to ensure compliance in multi-tenant environments.

Apstra Deployment and Migration

It has long been possible to configure Apstra for a non-existent data center. Though building plans are sufficient to prepare the software for deployment, the process is highly complex. Hence, Juniper is launching the Apstra Deployment and Migration service.

A team of experts helps customers configure Apstra and the new network. Customers can provide their own data center design or use the experts’ input.