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Ookla recently researched the speed and latency of Starlink satellite broadband connections compared to average fixed broadband connections. In Western Europe, results were mixed.

For several years, SpaceX has been steadily expanding its Starlink satellite network to provide broadband connections from low Earth orbit.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Ookla researched the average speed and latency of satellite internet in several countries. Ookla compared the speed to broadband networks already in place.


In the Netherlands, the research produced mixed results. According to Ookla, the average download speed of a Dutch Starlink connection was 138.40 Mbps. This is higher than the average download speed over a fixed connection in the Netherlands, which totals 95.55 Mbps.

Upload speeds differ. Starlink records an average speed of 15.60 Mbps through satellite compared to 30.87 Mbps over a broadband connection. SpaceX’s satellite internet also has a higher latency than fixed connections: 45 milliseconds versus 11 milliseconds.

The researchers at Ookla do not draw any conclusions. They did indicate that satellite internet services, such as those of Starlink, could become a formidable competitor to fixed broadband services in the coming years.

Tip: Europe’s Wi-Fi satellite program will exclude non-EU countries