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Amazon to operate and build data centers in the UK.

On Wednesday, Amazon Web Services announced that they’re spending around 2.37 billion USD on operating and building data centers in the UK.

The investment will be made over a period of two years. According to AWS, this move will almost double the total investment value produced in the United Kingdom since 2016.

Recently, AWS and its rivals are constantly working on expanding data center networks to meet the increasing cloud services demands. This was pretty evident by the 40% increase in AWS revenues in the last quarter due to a rise in cloud adoption.

During the announcement, AWS did not go into technical aspects detail of the planned data center investment. However, Amazon.com Inc. did share an update about their various initiatives in the UK.

Paving the way to a cloud computing future in the UK

Building data centers provides another advantage for various cloud providers by allowing them to reduce customer latency. Datacenter construction close to customer enterprise facilities lowers the time the information will take to travel, thus increasing applications speed.

Low latency has also made it practical for companies to benefit from cloud use cases, like real-time data analytics.

AWS’s parent company Amazon is among the top corporate buyers globally for renewable energy. Last year, the company announced its biggest energy renewable project in the UK, the Moray West wind farm situated off the Scotland coast.

Not only that, but five years ago, AWS also launched ‘AWS re/Start,’ a training program in the UK to prepare people for careers in cloud computing. The cloud giant proudly said that since its launch, its agenda has expanded and reached more than six cities all over the UK and is available globally in 95 cities.