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The Quantum Application Lab (QAL) has been launched. Several initiators are providing infrastructure and knowledge to organizations looking to explore the benefits of quantum computing.

The lab is open to those wanting to research the benefits of quantum computing. The consortium consists of engineers, scientists, developers and researchers with highly valuable, technical knowledge. IBM Quantum provides the necessary technology.

QAL is an initiative of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Center for Mathematics & Computer Science (CWI), TNO, SURF, TU Delft, the eScience Center and IBM Quantum. The initiators (pictured) have been working on the project since 2020. The lab was launched on March 23.


“Quantum computers will solve problems in risk management (for banks and insurers), machine learning and more”, shares a spokesperson. “Organizations are starting to look at useful applications for quantum computing, but the availability of deep technical expertise and suitable hardware platforms can be a bottleneck.”

QAL should lower the barrier. The initiators will facilitate highly valuable infrastructure and knowledge. In return, participants offer insight into the market demand and societal need for quantum computing. Their input aids the development of practical quantum computing applications.

The UvA and TNO invite all interested organizations to get in touch and discuss participation.

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