Boston Dynamics brings Stretch industrial robot to market

Boston Dynamics brings Stretch industrial robot to market

Boston Dynamics recently launched an industrial robot for warehouse environments: Stretch. Meanwhile, the first print run sold out.

Boston Dynamics develops and manufactures industrial robot applications. Among other things, it’s known for Spot, an industrial four-legged bot. Boston Dynamics recently launched a new model: Stretch, an industrial robot for warehouse environments.

In a nutshell, the Stretch moves boxes. It’s highly suitable for quickly loading and unloading trucks or fast order picking in storage areas.

Mobile solution

Stretch can operate anywhere in a storage area. Other autonomous picking bots tend to be railed or stationary, meaning the entire process and infrastructure must be adapted. In contrast, Stretch can be deployed in most existing infrastructures.

Stretch with Wall removed


The Stretch robot features a rectangular arm with a grip consisting of 50 suction cups for boxes and other items. The robot is capable of lifting and shifting up to 50 pounds. The built-in battery provides an uninterrupted working time of up to 16 hours.

The robot orientates itself via a separate mast filled with sensors. Though the Stretch robot is available starting today, all units for 2022 were sold out.

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