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After success with their €174 million CPF VII fund, Cipio seeks to support Europe’s technology and software-enabled business sector with its new €202 million CPF VIII fund. The fund’s continued success is a testament to Cipio’s reliability and professionalism.

Munich-based Cipio’s latest fund expands upon its predecessors, investing in technology and software firms across Europe. With a €202 million equity, the CPF VIII fund is significantly larger than CPF VII and presents a lucrative opportunity for innovators.

Roland Dennert, a managing partner at Cipio, states that each recipient will receive an initial investment of €5-15 million – with more following depending on the firm’s performance.

Interest in Cipio’s CPF fund has grown with time, attracting several organizations and family office investors across Europe and North America, as well as sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions. Few investors from CPF VII declined to participate in CPF VIII, demonstrating the fund’s viability.

About CPF VIII’s portfolio

Cipio’s CPF VIII fund aims to finance startups and established firms that are at the cutting edge of technology.

Dennert offers more details on what exactly CPF VIII’s investment portfolio will look like: “The fund will focus on B2B SaaS and software-enabled business models such as marketplaces. It will also invest in deep tech businesses such as semiconductors. The current deal activities are particularly strong in big data, cyber security, AI, and industrial software applications.”

Using this capital, the company aims to invest in sixteen firms across the European Union, the UK, and Scandinavia. Financing for two firms is already complete – Navvis, a German company renowned for its end-to-end reality capture solutions and digital twins, and Nuki, an Austria-based smart home developer.

Now, Cipio is assessing who the other fourteen recipients of their new fund should be.