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Learning is one of the top corporate concerns today, and it is on the minds of both CEOs and employees.

According to Bersin and LinkedIn, 79% of CEOs globally see a lack of vital skills in their staff as a danger to future growth, and the inability to learn and advance is the leading cause for employees to search for a new job.

Because the worldwide learning and development market is predicted to reach $402 billion by 2022, and the European market is expected to increase in the mid-single digits yearly over the next 3-5 years, entrepreneurs are flocking into the category to offer new experiences.

Focusing on the EU market

Lepaya, an Amsterdam-based supplier of power skills training, received $40 million in a Series B investment last year. Rise Up, a Paris-based employee learning software company, has secured €30 million from Connected Capital, its prior investor MAIF Avenir, and its initial stakeholder, Impact Partners. The business’s European expansion will be bolstered by the second round of funding, allowing the company to expand its personnel and product portfolio and localize its learning and development offerings for European markets.

Rise Up’s fortunate positioning during an unfortunate time

The one-stop learning solution, founded in 2014, now has over 400 clients and 1 million active learners across 60 countries. With features like an intuitive blended learning environment, a motivating chatbot, and a Microsoft Teams interface, the human-first, AI-driven software solution provides each individual with a tailored, adaptable approach to learning.

Rise Up co-founder and CEO Arnaud Blachon said that hybrid learning is important as we continue to manage the COVID-19 epidemic. He called Rise Up an inclusive learning platform that helps users turn a critical business dilemma into an opportunity.