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Qualcomm wants to invest in Arm after the processor giant is listed by Softbank, its current owner. That’s what CEO Cristiano Amon confirmed in a conversation with the Financial Times. A direct acquisition with a consortium of chipmakers is on the table as well.

According to the Qualcomm CEO, it’s important for the chip industry that Arm remains a neutral company. Cristiano Amon deems the British chip specialist’s technology to be too essential for a sole investor. Almost all chip manufacturers use Arm’s architecture. If it were to fall into the hands of a single supplier, competition could be significantly distorted.

Investing is a must

That is why, according to Amon, investing in Arm is a must. Guaranteeing independence is vital, especially now that various chip manufacturers are adopting the technology. Qualcomm’s CEO would like to see other suppliers invest in Arm as well. Intel has already shown interest.

Direct acquisition

Alternatively, Amon considers a direct acquisition of Arm. Thea acquisition would have to take place with several companies in a consortium. According to the CEO, a consortium is necessary to achieve the neutrality desired.

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